Corneale Perforation - Biocornea

Prüfplancode ISRCTN EudraCT DRKS

Notfallversorgung/Abdeckung mit einem auf Fischschuppen basierenden Gewebe bei cornealer Perforation

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Primäres Prüfziel

To assess the safety and effectiveness of the ologen™ Biocornea to close the eye for a limited period of time up to a maximum of 72 hours in emergency patients with perforated corneal ulcerations/lacerations referred to the hospital for immediate treatment.

Sekundäre Prüfziele



  • Corneale Perforation

Perforated corneal ulceration/laceration



1. Age ≥ 18 years 2. Perforated corneal ulceration/laceration 3. Leaking corneal defects with indication for PK due to: a) perforating corneal ulceration orb) perforating corneal trauma with loss of corneal tissue making primary wound closure by corneal suturing impossible 4. Only one eye is affected by corneal ulceration / perforation / laceration. The non- affected eye has the potency of a minimum visual acuity of 0.63 ( 20/32 ). 5. No human donor cornea nor “0-cornea” is available 6. Subject must be able and willing to cooperate with the CIP 7. Subject must be able and willing to complete postoperative follow-up requirements 8. Subject must be able to understand and read the German language. In case reading is difficult (eye trauma) qualified staff will read out the informed consent form (ICF). 9. Subject or witness has signed the ICF


1. Known hypersensitivity to fish collagen 2. Pregnant or breast-feeding women. 3. Subject is participating in any other clinical trial or research project with an investigational medicinal product or a medical device or has participated in any other trial within 30 days prior to the last visit of that study and day 0 of this study. 4. Patients with severe general health conditions (multiple trauma, acute life-threatening diseases, high risk for general anesthesia) 5. Subject is dependent on the Sponsor or investigators in a familiar or financial manner


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Prof. Dr. Björn Bachmann



Zentrum für Augenheilkunde




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Prof. Dr. Björn Bachmann

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